Accessible University (AU) is a fictional university, and this is its fictional home page. This page is designed to demonstrate a variety of common web design problems that result in visitors with disabilities being unable to access the content or features of a web page. Although the heading at the top of this section of the page suggests that AU may be a welcoming institution, the inaccessible design of this page sends the opposite message.


Accesible Universidad (UA) es una universidad ficticia, y esta es su página de ficción. Esta página está diseñada para demostrar una variedad de común de diseño web que se traducen en problemas de los visitantes con discapacidad no poder acceder al contenido o las características de una página web. Aunque el título en la parte superior de esta sección de la página sugiere que AU puede ser una institución de bienvenida, el diseño inaccesible de esta página envía el mensaje opuesto.

Can you spot the barriers?

There are at least 18 accessibility issues on this page. To see a list of all known issues, click here. To see a more accessible version of this same page, click here. To view a popup list of accessibility issues:

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AU Enrollment Trends
  Last year This year
  CS Eng Eco Phy Psy CS Eng Eco Phy Psy
Total 84 126 43 32 112 82 140 45 34 101
% Male 89 84 73 69 20 87 80 69 69 22
% Female 11 16 27 31 80 13 20 31 31 78
December 1
A great holiday event

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December 31
New years eve party

Ring in the new year with your friends

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List of accessibility issues

Note: This popup does not receive keyboard focus. The cursor continues to tab down the page behind the it. As a result keyboard-only users cannot dismiss it and screen reader users will not be alerted to it's presence. They will not be able to close it; rendering the webpage useless.

On the inaccessible version of this page the following errors can be found:

  1. Missing bypass block
    (skip-to main content).
  2. Improper use of headings
  3. Images of text
  4. No alternate text on informative images
  5. Missing or excessive alternate text on decorative images
  6. Insufficient color contrast
  7. Insufficient visual cues
  8. Inaccessible dropdown menu
  9. Redundant, uninformative link text
  10. Color used to communicate information
  11. Language not specified
  12. Missing accessible form markup
  13. Inaccessible CAPTCHA
  14. Inaccessible validation
  15. Missing ARIA landmark roles
  16. Inaccessible modal window
  17. Inaccessible carousel
  18. Missing accessible table markup
  19. HTML fails validation